Critical infrastructures

Critical infrastructures

Electrica S.A.

MPT1327 Radio Trunking System for Electrica S.A. and its subsidiaries in partnership with Leonardo – Finmeccanica Ltd. UK:

MPT1327 Radio Trunking system installed at Electrica S.A. and its subsidiaries – gradual replacement of the original TDM architecture with a new IP architecture supporting the beneficiary’s existing WAN and new radio relay connections


Video Surveillance System Maintenance, VTS System Maintenance – InVTS – Vessel Traffic System – RADAR & AIS surveillance, Installation and acceptance of Kelvin Hughes Hensoldt SharpEye SBS-800 surveillance radars, in S-band and X-band.

Navigation and Landing System based on ILS, DVOR, CVOR and DME Instruments, in partnership with Selex-ES Inc. USA:

  • Inspection activities in locations in Romania and abroad
  • Technical support for equipment installation, configuration, commissioning and testing

Romatsa R.A.

PBN (Performance Based Navigation) Infrastructure Assurance – 15 DME Systems Project SPICE (Synchronised Performance Based Navigation Implementation Cohesion Europe) and TMACK, subcontractor of Selex-ES Inc. USA.

The National Meteorological Administration, in partnership with Beijing Metstar Radar Co., Ltd

  • Modernization of the radar network (three S-band radars) and upgrade of specialized applications, including data processing servers
  • Maintenance (technical review), repair and online technical support services for five weather radars type WSR-98D – framework agreement